damned truth

ouch! then ouch ouch!

March 27, 2007



*whew* glad that is over with!

ok. something happened. possibly something in my favor. what ever it was that the public was not getting that they were to pay for as it were missing the public can now not pay for. if there are more then one worker with the village link i just may owe that one of they an apology. after calling 1-800-482-0816 and speaking with a lady who explained all charges dropped i was able to again connect with the internet through the village link. hmmm, wonder if this sad accurence will happen again. do you think this is the end? i have yet to check my email to see if a notice arrived there explaining what the lady explained. if not then i will still have the question 'how could i have known all charges were dropped had i not called and is this fair to leave your customers guessing'. what if they guess wrong and remain disconnected because of a lack of communication? who is right in such a case? can you say it is fair to believe that two wrongs make a right and that a noncommunicating person is worse then a...


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