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damned truth


ouch! then ouch ouch!




*whew* glad that is over with!

ok. something happened. possibly something in my favor. what ever it was that the public was not getting that they were to pay for as it were missing the public can now not pay for. if there are more then one worker with the village link i just may owe that one of they an apology. after calling 1-800-482-0816 and speaking with a lady who explained all charges dropped i was able to again connect with the internet through the village link. hmmm, wonder if this sad accurence will happen again. do you think this is the end? i have yet to check my email to see if a notice arrived there explaining what the lady explained. if not then i will still have the question 'how could i have known all charges were dropped had i not called and is this fair to leave your customers guessing'. what if they guess wrong and remain disconnected because of a lack of communication? who is right in such a case? can you say it is fair to believe that two wrongs make a right and that a noncommunicating person is worse then a silent employee?



if this were you?

i pay my bills at the start of the month so i rely on the payment notifications getting here. i also know they can be late so i always try and be first to discuss it in advance with any service billling agency. ( i know they fell short short on getting the gift of forgiving so i race them for it. ) i did just such a thing with the village link, my internet service provider. i emailed one of them ( ) recently using their site homepage at after noticing that the payment notice was a week late. ( for the record i usualy have my notices and pay my bills within the first two weeks of each month. ) ok, so here is how it went...i mailed leviet the 15th of march. any way the idea was to remind them to remind me and thereby keeping my connection ( all the businesses i do business with have an understanding of this, if they forget it is not my fault so therefor i am not punished ). i have been with these people at the village link for years now so if they are any sort of good business they understand, instead they did not. i am hurt. a second notice was mailed off on the 19th of march which meant it would be at least three weeks into the month till i so much as got a notice of payment due, then on good will i had a few days to pop the 20 bucks into the envelope as i always do. now here is the thing you all. the people billing me live in stockbridge, mi but the people i pay are within walking distance of me here in asheville nc. so who do you think pulls the plug, the people that get a nice twenty dollar bill from me each month, or, have they left their dirty work up to their daddy in stockbridge?? go figgure.

i need some feed back on his you all. how would you feel if your isp did you this way? should i wait for them to apologise to me?

exact copy of email to on 3-15-2007 5:32pm

this is to let some one there with the village link know that the notice for payment has not arrived like it always does. will you talk with your mailer telling him/her to mail a copy of the notice to me and then will you mail me back telling me you did so i can rest more at ease i have an internet connection? thank you.


leroy william skees

543 johnston school rd.

asheville, n. c.



i can make a copy envelope showing day second notice was mailed me for any who ask.

this is how i got the money to them each month, see any thing wrong with it? yes, i did ask and i will like an answer, see any thing wrong with how i mailed them the money each month?

leroy william skees

543 johnston school road

asheville, north carolina

28806-9652          u. s. a.

                                                                        the village link

                                                                    2000 riverside drive

                                                                               box 27

                                                                          asheville, nc




upset, really upset!


ok, to get things started a true story of how my internet service provider finally joined the many other trend fallowing internet service providers and cheated me out of an equal to what i am paying them to stay connected.


a number of years back i chose a local internet service provider because of location, i can always go through the business door and speak in person to individuals involved. this is a handy idea in that person to person is always better then through the mail when paying bills. this eye to eye contact works out differences sooner then mail or phone. then i can rest more assured things are working correctly.

for years i used this internet service provider ( the vilage link. check it out at ) without any real trouble because things were simple. i was only interested in the internet connection. even though they had no anti-virus software in place and i had not for years learned how to access the free email they gave me i was happy. i used my own ant-ivirus program ( both the free avg anti-virus and the free clamwin worked fine with me ) and managed to dig up a few email box providers online. a couple years after i started using the village link as my internet service provider i happened on to what was once called marketscore. i had enjoyed my brief encounter with marketscore but darned if they were not hard to find, they had been moving around! now marketscore had hooked up with a protector and went by the larger name e-trends ( ). their purpose is to help provide for consumers by relaying a consumer's information to producers. e-trends even went so far as to offer a little money incentive to their members participating in the surveys e-trends received finished. this was nice and gave me a little extra pocket money quarterly. then something happened that threw me off a little...

for about half a year i was having trouble connecting through the village link. being the trusting individual that i am i never gave any thought to it being their fault. each time i would try and log onlone i would have to repeat the dial up several times before i would loose the message my username was wrong and be connected. then after half a year i tried to use a couple free time limited internet service provider i kept for this very reason. i thought, may be by comparing the ease of all three i can get a better idea of what is happening. well, immediately i saw i could connect through both of them ( netzero and juno ). hmmmmm! the next day i called my local internet service provider. lol and behold, they had finally joined the rank of the likes of america online, are paying their server programmers now to insert language capable of booting their inactive member computers offline. the lady there tells me ( after checking her computer against my name ) "i see you have been with us a long time, there are a lot of our idle users just wasting internet time and this causes a trouble with the lines connecting the few at work, we have started putting a block to this in place, i will change your user name by simply adding a number to its end, now you should have less trouble connecting." ouch!

now i am forced to use small programs that keep me connected ( no where in the agreement with those at the village link is it said "i/you can not use software that alters the function of their software" ). as of yet i have not used the worst of the type which alters the function intended by the programmers working for the village link. my software has internet urls included that it browses so never really am i idle. about the worst my software does is imitate mouse movements. what the village link has done is cut this old 54 year old man out of a quarterly check from e-trends equal to what i pay the village link for their service of keeping me connected. ouch, ouch! not a big deal to most people, especially the younger people who always manage to find a fast buck without trouble.

well you audience, what do you think of this, post your comments please?

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