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"God's filling station" online television

Please pray for our leaders and family.

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Click here to get Flv video converter and make your own FLV video files.

Hit the "Float" button to move the pop up chat room about and better view Steve Brockwell's sermon.
Private messaging as well as public chat / conferencing. Private messages only require clicking on the name(s) of the people with whom you wish to message and typing in the pop-up window.
Support of all popular IRC commands. In order to keep the size of the client to a minimum (to facilitate fast loading), some obscure features found in IRC clients have not been included but may be added.
A rich set of customization options for function, look and feel of the Java chat.
'Simple' mode, which presents the user with a clean, uncomplicated view of a single channel. This mode, in conjunction with the restricted command set can be used to assist people with no IRC knowledge to chat / conference. This mode also has the advantage of providing users with default nicknames and automatic log on - Without pausing and prompting for a nickname. When using a simple client on a Web page, visitors can chat the moment they arrive.
Room owner may kick, ban, silence users plus customize chat room.

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