God's Filling Station online television ( Station 0001 NoFrames)

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"God's filling station" online television

Please pray for our leaders and family.

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Click here to get Flv video converter and make your own FLV video files.

A chat room will pop up in which
you can show Pictures, Movie Files And Sounds to other chatters,
you can use your webcam here and use it as a video conference tool ( Small Download Required To Broadcast ),
you have a option to use "smileys" and other images to place in your chat text,
Room owner may kick, ban, silence users Plus customize chat room.

to send this page link to any person's email address just copy this text below, then in the browser text box right click and select all so that all is highlighted, paste this in instead. this will work with any web page.

you can highlight text and copy same text in a textarea box, all at the same time with the click of a button. ie ( internet explorer ) only ( in netscape, it only highlights the text; it doesn't copy it ).


the only thing you need to customize is the YOUR-EMAIL@HERE.COM portion. you can do that right in your browser text box.
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