Kid Safe Internet Fun And Games!
  Kid Safe Internet Fun And Games!
  first of all, there are MANY links here. adult supervision is required to ready the computer for your child. i do not know where all the kids sites are located nor can i ensure that any one site is completely ad free. all though this collection of fun and games is by a standard much safer for children and possibly healthier for children with a desire to learn, it is by far perfect. the viewing is divided into groups. these groups range to include from single web pages to entire sites. some contain advertising that is a temptation to any who will click on their ad image or ad link and quickly become lost to the first purpose presented. your child must learn and know to leave these be. for a short while at least watch and help your child ( till certain ads if any are less of a temptation and it is proven a better experience for all children and your child ). some contain reading for parents that is intended to help with the use of their good, may be to walk your child through a couple of times till he or she learns the simplest parts of enjoying the over all game or tutor there without a need to try being a parent or without mimicking. the reading can be something only a parent may view and only a parent can add to its ability for teaching as configuring internet content settings in relation to what ever is being done because normally a child's mind is too small to comprehend this. depending on the child's speed some internet locations may require only brief supervision at intervals. i have not removed the pages for parents reading.

what you see here is not a commitment of mine or any one internet user. i happened across a start to something else and because i care ( ... good can come from a thing ... ) i chose to include this along with an other child related task ( your filtering of your kid's web and email content http: // researchamateur . bravehost . com / images02 . html ( remove spaces before pasting into browser and going there )), the something else being the much larger accomplishment ( advertising related http: // advertise-advertise-advertise . / advert_favorites_index01 . html ( remove spaces before pasting into browser and going there )), simply because it is not too hard for i to accept and compile kids links. i make no promise nor do i stake any claim on its over all good. try it! there are literally too good a too many links here. you will probably never find this many links any where else so take a moment to check it all out and be prepared to help your child learn. some pages and sites will need the continual help of parents because this content is online in such a manner as to not restrict a search. in this case where you first allow your child to browse the internet using an internet search engine or internet directory there will always remain the small risk associated with the danger of using an online search engine or an online directory. with these a humanly comprehensible input is possible and is required just as any result is also required in order for the completion of the search, only the input and the output are different. simply, the internets data is endless. no child has an endless data for input and rarely is a child creative enough to always have a internet made ( machine ready ) input. no internet search of this type can know love of any relationship to human kindness. there are more links here for kids to see than you may have imagined which is NOT A BAD THING but the opposite, a means to many many unbiased opinions DEPENDING on fair judgment ( the main reason i am happy to offer it to you ). mistakes happen, this is why you should remain near by your child watching your child to prevent the worst and irreversible mistakes from happening at all in the first place.

if a parent can in some way prevent their child from by mistake entering a computers browser and browser settings, it reduces danger. it narrows the search for good internet content. add to this the quality of content and we have a lot of fun! brief supervision is always suggested but with this even less worry. let the learning begin!

i am open for suggestions though i have not made it a business to help children learn. if you have a question or a suggestion, i am here. i answer all email. if enough people show enough interest, who knows, it just may continue and some time in the future prove to be even better. enjoy!

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