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ways of advertising

what is meant by there being various ways of advertising differs and therefor does not really title advertising. we will in a grade school student manner break into parts or pieces the whole of 'electronic mechanical ad distribution to enough of a surrounding virtually real participant' ( emadteoasvrp ).

advertising may not differ but instead we are made to look at a nature of things unlike the more stable standard. when we are accustomed to seeing a proven standard and then must view a trend as acceptable, wow, that reacts with the self! further more, accept enough to agree to try any part of the same can be in bad taste.

the chances are that our very first idea of advertising is the exchange between two people, if things look right then may be a exchange in a group. our concept of advertising will likely be 'sharing': the first in line are "classifieds". classifieds are generally of a more personal nature. in virtual reality they are not so different from all other advertising that we can rule out any misconception. there are many more classified ad sites than there are the creating password accessed single focus group. ( a person can start to like being pampered with protection. ) freedom in method. second; are the generally termed "search engine" that fill the internet to the point that many directory personnel only even remotely comparable as being a lister fallow calling this a search engine similar to how all business men and women are seen and pictured as standing in the freeway as a photographer normally snaps a picture of their every day appearance sneak preview. ( cup of soothing java in one hand, brief case in the other, while viewing today's big job ahead. ) how did that photographer manage to sneak by?... third are all the seemingly small form of advertising that can be gotten at mostly every where and all are temporary for as long as their worth is not intended. don't care to use their means and they quickly disappear. they are given many titles but to a person advertising this sounds simply reasonable. we can advertise as newcomers in just about every internet business and benefit so normally it is easy to see that their boards are fair. can you imagine how it must feel to advertise in a business you would not have walked into but because it is on the internet and because you easily came across it and its notice board you now wish to quickly add your word? peoples photographs are passed around between friends like fish bait between fisher men so why not advertise at an online clip art site while you happen to still be there, easy! and boy can you imagine how others will like your camera art! a person would not often think to advertise at a biological site, a aviation site, a cook ware demonstration site, a internet cafe directory, a site concerning heraldry, a employer's site, a single artist's site and auction site but strangely we all immediately agree with there being enough good in it to allow our ad. true, there is good there, but not because we said so or because we make it so. all these small locations are given a title if even for a moment. as"free for all" ( "ffa" ), "directory", "listing", "banner exchange", "link exchange" board, group, "forum", "blog" and bla and bla and bla and on... and as we continue to look for ways of advertising; there are the category expressed as being different because they either have their shocking cost of hundreds of dollars service charge read within view or explain the same effort and expense as a sort of fair 'learning curve'. they are costly because you can never be certain of where they lead even after having grasped payment. ( not to mention where they end. ) if you like these partnerships, well, the key words to search with are "partner", "affiliate" ... and the big one being "mlm". team, associate bla bla bla. ( these are typically speaking, golfer, with a seemingly harmless up joke and down joke seeking better joke. no punch line intended, ha ha! ); can they be as different as those who gamble with a fraction difference between in unforeseen ending? 'auctionee' who do worse than bet themselves winner? people attempting to prove fools as lunatics? it is all emadteoasvrp.

classifieds can be fun. may be you are having fun advertising, and with classifieds. if so, goodness forbid i am caught and proven to blame for having stopped this fun. yes, have fun! some offered differ in greatness to for example search engine in that by manually inserting the wording you get more of their little extras which are in keeping with internet standard if not otherwise freely given by their similar competitor. have you noticed who is giving away free sample of necessary things to go along with important advertising. not those who more frequently use the word advertising ( "let we do your advertising and..." "we can advertise for you at a fraction of ..." etcetera ) like single focus group. these little extras really help the starting advertiser and i doubt he gave away his right to accept them. it is simply impossible to do without they. but no, instead of the big boys giving a little and keeping the give like many simple folk, they throw it into the meaning of the meaning category. may be i can prove it here. instead of asking if we could use a small amount of email box they reason the shortcoming as the learning curve that is given to some stupid person in a position to sooner hurt then help. like "not knowing will not hurt", ha, ha! ( classified sites have given small email boxes to help their new comer. ) instead of suspecting that by asking if they can better your chance with what can make your receiving in return more at ease they become more involved in the fetish of blaspheming those forced to do without. ( classifieds site have given small and working examples of email forwarding to help overcome the fact of not getting to email on time. ) simply, there is less disputable truth at classifieds site than at partner site. less disputable because less talked as advertising. isn't it logical that a classifieds site will rank less than an advertising agency, this is why the truth. you are given more to work with even if you do not accept the same and you are given this while other are not. can't argue this...

search engine are more of a general advertising. you won't have to search a long list of word meaning to learn what you may and what you may not include in what is a few choice in an answer sheet. you need not be afraid you chose wrong after typing in answers and that the category was so totally different than what you gave that you will not get an answer after submitting your ad wording to be used. all together it is more general. ( i have no idea how search engine site web master view this. it may appear that we are selfish for wanting only a specific thing in return. ) remember that to generalize is hard for most people yet we have these search engine. "there are about twenty major search engine" ( you may as well just say twenty ). on the internet they reach far. use them!

recently i learned that a blog is more then just an opinion to rule out an other close by opinion. blogs can be a form of advertising too. a person with an opinion will likely steer away from blogs till he learns what i did. it was not till i noticed a number of blog with sections specifically for listing business opportunities that it came to mind. even before this i may have guessed that there were hundreds of blogs on the internet. i was wrong, not hundreds but thousands. with these numbers and with the different blog content it is a little more imaginable to reason a blog as profitable.

directories too were at first a problem to my thinking. i had all ready seen the search engines, had learned and knew they each had a large list of just about all any one person looked for but directories were a notch lower and less conceivable as profitable in business. i had to readjust and reconfigure my focus. again when i saw that there were thousands of directories out there for use i was happy to change and accept them as more opportunity.

i am continuing with this project. continually adding on, correcting, and putting together revised version. i am open for suggestion. email me. let me know you are interested. if you are a source, let me in on what i do not have. know of internet resources, mainly a compiled html list of advertising site links all on a easy to access page? give me the internet page where about. there are no looser here, only winner. if you have a question or you wish to plan in advance, email me..

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help support this site with your advertising, contact me regarding a nice ad in this spot on this page or in the same spot on any other page. mention the page address where you wish for it to appear.
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